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The second project I worked on was a customer insights project for Travix, the umbrella company for Vayama, CheapTickets, and various other brands.

Together with two other students, we worked on the project for this online travel agency. The assignment was to categorize comments given by customers in an after booking survey. With these comments, we could make a dashboard, which shows the data interactively, and a report with an analysis per market with a comparison and recommendations.

After our first meeting with our contact person, the assignment was clear. We divided the markets between the three of us, because categorizing all these comments, about 5000 in total, was going to be a lot of work. Of course this process can be automated, but there was currently no budget for this. I started working on Vayama, Travix’ US domain. We got all the data in an Excel sheet. I added a dropdown menu in this sheet containing all the (sub-)categories, to make it easier and quicker to categorize the comments, also for in the future.

After two weeks of straight on clicking and categorizing, we had all the data done. We then started building the dashboard. We collectively looked at which graphs would be relevant for Travix to see. We then individually build these graphs for our markets. In one of the guest lectures about data visualization, we learned that you should only use one color when presenting data, so we chose the Travix blue. We added different slicers to make it easy for Travix to see the exact data they want to see. The graphs are interactive and will update automatically when new data is added to the tables.

When the dashboard was finished, we wrote the report. I analyzed the US data and reported this. At last, we compared all the data from different markets. I thought it was very interesting to see such big differences in customer feedback.

In the end, we gave a presentation for around 15 Travix employees. They were all very happy with the result and it gave them great insights in what could be improved on their websites, and in which market. This tool can be used in future customer insights research, as data can be added at every moment.




Data Analyst


Ilse Frunt & Stefan Schroën




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