Fontys University of Applied Sciences

This international marketing plan has been made for Fontys Department Marketing & Communication. This is the department that consults in the marketing and communication for all the Fontys University of Applied Sciences institutions and branches.
Fontys Department Marketing & Management noticed that there is still a lot of growth potential in some foreign markets. The assignment was to advise Fontys Department Marketing & Communication in how they can make sure more foreign students really start and study at Fontys University of Applied Sciences so they can increase the conversion of the international market. After assessing several different countries, it was chosen to focus on Vietnam as this country has a lot of potential.

The research showed that students have a long-term mindset. They are very focused on their professional career. That is why they look for schools with career opportunities and high-quality courses. Students mostly look for universities online.
Students are not alone in the decision-making unit (DMU). The parents are very influential in this process. The parents are also very focused on career, but also want the school to be affordable. Students mostly pursue the same career as their parent, or at least one that the parents want them to. The agents seemed to be the wrong channel to recruit students. They are commercial organizations, and all visited high schools highly discouraged the use of these agents.

Using all the research findings, SWOT elements have been formed. These elements have been combined to create short options. All the options have been used to create an advice that will make for a full marketing and sales strategy.

First of all, Fontys Department Marketing & Communication should stop using agents as a recruitment channel. Instead, they should focus on generating leads themselves. This should be done using presentations for students and parents, webinars and an online open day. Next to that an employee should visit Vietnam twice a year to visit High Schools and keep in close touch with the schools.


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