Dierspecialist Chatbot

Webdesign & -development

During my minor in Digital Marketing, I worked on a project for Dierspecialist Paul Meevis, a pet store located in Weert.

The assignment that I was given by the store was to optimize the process of customers ordering big bags of dog food. It should both benefit customer and store. With t,his I had to use digital marketing. One of my learning objectives during my minor was web development, so I wanted to see how I could also implement this.

A trend that is becoming more and more popular is chatbots. A chatbot is an automated robot that talks to customers without needing a human at first. That is why I chose to build one, using Messenger because the store already has a big following on Facebook.

I started out by mapping the user flow I wanted for the bot. I then started coding the bot.

I am very proud of the result! Users can look for the dog food they need in Messenger. Unfortunately, Messenger does not yet allow transactions in Messenger in The Netherlands, that is why I had to look for a workaround. I chose to build a simple webshop. When customers press the order button in Messenger, they will be taken to the shopping basket in the webshop, with the dog food already selected.

To promote this new way of ordering, I set up Facebook post that will take people straight to Messenger.

Next to that, the delivery guy will hand out flyers to customers to promote the bot.

I really enjoyed working on this project. I am a sales associate at this store myself, so I am very familiar with the ordering problem. It takes a lot of time to answer the phone when it is crowded in the store and customers are waiting at the register. The bot will start beta testing in the near future, and I am looking forward to receiving the first reactions from customers that order using this platform.


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