MarCom Student Battle

Marcom Student Battle

Yesterday I and four other Fontys students participated in the national Marketing Communication Student Battle at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I was invited by some of our old classmates, who already went through a selection process. In total, five teams from different schools participated. Two from Amsterdam, one from Windesheim, one from Avans, and then there’s us.

Once we got there, we had a briefing about the battle and about the business case Chocomel had for us. We were then taken to different rooms to work on the assignment. We had to work with a couple of different things. It had to be a digital strategy, it had to be about that ‘everything tastes better with Chocomel’, and that Chocomel is the only real chocolate milk. We had to look into the ‘catch and connect’ phase of the customer journey. So getting them in, and building a relationship.

We started brainstorming and quickly came up with some cool ideas. We had to look at all these ideas again, and see how we could employ them in this case.

Our final idea consisted of a couple of things. To kick off, we wanted to place vending machines in a number of big cities in The Netherlands. This vending machine would dispense Chocomel cans, and other dishes made using Chocomel, because ‘everything tastes better with Chocomel’! This vending machine will only work if somebody posts something on social media using a special hashtag. We quickly mocked up a terrible vending machine with the limited time we had.

MarCom Vending Machine
Vending Machine

After this, there would be a challenge. People had to create the most fun, crazy and cool dishes using Chocomel. They have to record or take pictures and post it on social media. The five best would win a year worth of Chocomel. Chocomel has to start the challenge by posting some example videos.

Social Media Challenge

With this idea, we thought of the ’empowerment of creativity’ and ‘user generated content’ concept; humans are creative by nature. Instead of Chocomel creating the content, we let the people do the work. In this way, they are actively engaged with the brand.

We presented our idea to Chocomel and the other teams. We won the second place! Proud of our team! It was a very nicely organized event, I had a blast!