Inbenta Chatbots

The final guest lecture of this minor. Inbenta about chatbots, looking at the past, present, and the future.

Companies want to focus on the customer, giving them a better experience, and build loyalty. Customers want support without having to put too much effort in it. An email? Having to wait a day for an answer? What’s that? A phone call, ew.

They talked about ‘digital disruption’, the companies that didn’t survive this and some companies that destroyed markets. Does anyone still remember Free Record Shop or a DVD rental store? But what about Spotify and Netflix?

Robots are taking over the work humans used to do. Think about car manufacturers, there are almost no humans involved in this process anymore.

A new ‘robot’ is Artificial Intelligence. There are different forms of this, for example; machine learning or natural language processing (NLP).

Artificial Intelligence started out as a computer, but is on it’s way from automation, to narrow intelligence, to general intelligence, and eventually super intelligence.

One of the biggest challenges in NLP is to deal with expressions, and words with multiple meanings.

The future will bring personal assistants to our homes. Actually, the future is now, with Siri, Google Assitant and Alexa. I have several Amazon Echo’s (Alexa) at home and use it a lot for simple tasks, such as setting a timer, playing music, or checking the weather. Unfortunately Echo is not for sale yet in The Netherlands, so there are no companies building apps for us here. When I was living in NYC I used it much more, from getting an uber to ordering a pizza from Domino’s or a coffee from Starbucks.

I found it one of the most interesting guest lectures, and I’m very curious to find out what the future will bring us in terms of this form of AI. 

I also created a chatbot!